Decking A Sloping Garden

Level a Sloping Garden Using Decking

In case your garden or plot of land is uneven, you may consider it a great waste of space (and rightfully so). There is, however, a simple solution that will turn that space into a usable and pleasant place to relax and entertain relatives and friends - build a deck !

Why Decking Makes a Great Site Leveler

Leveling your own garden could involve hauling in lorry load after lorry load of soil. While soil could seem inexpensive this means to an end may well work out to be very costly. The piles of earth within your garden will still have to be leveled out and seeded with grass at the very least or other styles of hard landscaping. All this could be eliminated along with the unpleasant slope, just by constructing a deck.

Decking makes an amazing site leveler because it can result in a significant and level seating area right on the spot that was once unusable. It is also considerably less labour intensive than leveling out a location and laying slabs or bricks.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

If there is a possibility that you will be selling your home within a few years, garden decking will prove to be an excellent investment. This cost effective home improvement project is practically guaranteed to add value to your home. Level areas are often more aesthetically pleasing to homebuyers, and everyone loves the thought of having an outdoor area designed for relaxing and entertaining.

Special Considerations

Because one end of your deck is bound to be elevated, it is a good idea to investigate local planning regulations prior to starting the build. Depending on where you live, there may be rules as to how high the deck can go. Adhering to such policies and getting planning permission can eliminate headaches later on

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